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Samsung gets busy: T719, P857, D407, T609, Z560, X810 cellphones


Phonescoop has the er, scoop on the line-up of Spring cellphones due from Samsung. In addition to that fat collection announced at 3GSM, four new handhelds are due out in the US (T719, P857, D407, T609) with an additional two heading overseas (Z560, X810). Of note is the thin T719 clamshell (pictured) sporting the actual BlackBerry email interface and even the SureType text keypad design like handsets from RIM. Meanwhile, the P857 should bring a 3 megapixel digital camera to Cingular users. The Z560, then is destined to bring HSDPA to Europe in another thin clam which also features a 2 megapixel camera, big ol' display and touch-sensitive controls on the outside for direct music playback. Click the read link for all the deetz from Phonescoop -- click-on for more pics.

P857 -- should carry a 3 megapixel camera

Z560 -- HSDPA for Europe

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