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A brief history of canceled games

Alan Rose

This week, Gamecloud takes a look back at what might have been, as they compile a list of games that were announced, but eventually canceled.

In Part 1 of "Cut Down in Their Prime", 15 aborted games are eulogized including Trinity (Activision), Ultima Worlds Online (EA), Simsville (EA), Mythica (Microsoft), Sam and Max: Freelance Police (LucasArts), and Duke Nukem: Endangered Species (3D Realms). The long-hyped Duke Nukem Forever may be another casualty in waiting.

Some fan favorites, such as Sam & Max, have been revived. But while we may never see a Babylon 5 title, let's at least be grateful that Human Head's Daikatana 2 never saw the light of day.

What other canceled games broke your heart, or made you happy to say good riddance to?

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