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Fandango Wireless serves movie tix on the run

Marc Perton

Ordering advance tickets for a movie via a web site is a great idea if you happen to be sitting at home in front of a computer when you decide you want to catch a flick. But if you're already out and about, your're pretty much stuck waiting in that long line snaking around the theater, since most online booking services don't work very well on phone-based browsers -- and even if they did, you still have to print out an e-ticket to get in. But you can now jump to the head of the line if you're a Sprint Nextel customer and your theater uses Fandango for its online bookings. Fandango Wireless is now live on Sprint, offering a phone-optimized site, as well as barcodes that can be saved to your phone's memory and scanned by the ticket taker. Now if they'd just let us order our popcorn by phone and have it waiting for us in our seat when we get to the theater, we'd be set.

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