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KeySpan TuneView serves up iPod and iTunes menus

Marc Perton

Sure, it's easy to make your PC or iPod the center of your home entertainment network using various docking systems or wireless adapters like Apple's Airport Express. But what if you actually want to select music from another part of your home, without having to either run back to your PC/iPod to do so, or install a dedicated device like a Roku SoundBridge? KeySpan thinks it has the answer in the form of the TuneView, a remote control with a color LCD display that shows your iTunes or iPod library. The $99 remote works with either a $39 USB adapter to communicate with your PC, or with a $79 dock to connect to your iPod. Of course, you'll still need to hook up a set of speakers, but once you do, you can banish that PC to the home office, and still listen to your music in the living room.

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