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Massive Cingular outages right now?

Ryan Block, @ryan

We've been getting sparse unsubstantiated reports for the last couple of hours regarding various swaths of Cingular outages. From what we can tell, phone may have been out earlier all across the US, but right now it just looks like portions of New Jersey and the New York metro area are without voice, and all of America is without data. This only two days after they announced they'd be re-forming under the new AT&T / BellSouth buyout, and the day they debut Cingular Video. According to our pals over at Phone Scoop, it appears no one -- and we do mean no one -- at Cingular is available for comment right now; anyone have any idea what the hell is going on?

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

Update: Ok, so we've got it that apparently this was a major database issue causing inconsistent subscriber problems nation wide (think: random accounts across the US, not complete outages). Supposedly everything's sorted out now, so hopefully we'll be able to carry on with our rabid data consumption.

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