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We love free stuff, especially from Sony


Dear Sony,

Thanks for giving us this PSP Content Pack to download for free. We’ve already spent over $300 on your little gadget, but we love that you give us stuff that costs you nothing to share during these moments. And gee, thanks for the update to Neopets Petpet Adventures. Hey, at least now we have stuff to do on our PSPs while waiting for the prices of UMDs and games to drop.

Thanks for the thought, Sony! We love you!

PSP Fanboy

[via PGRevolution]

Here's a list of the stuff in the Content Pack. Just try to contain your glee!

  • Field Commander Game Trailer
  • Pursuit Force™ Game Trailer
  • The Con™ Music by Gez Dewar
  • Daxter™ Trailer and Exclusive Wallpapers
  • March 2006 Calendar Exclusive Wallpaper  
  • MLB® '06: The Show Exclusive Wallpaper
  • Neopets® Petpet Adventures™ The Wand of Wishing™ Exclusive Wallpaper
  • Now Playing on UMD from Sony Pictures

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