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Animated LED Pac-Man bicycle wheels

Using LEDs and a "persistence of vision" technique, ladyada has created an animated Pac-Man scene on the spokes of her bicycle. Want your own? She directs us to her tutorial for SpokePOV, an "easy-to-make electronic kit toy that turns your bicycle wheel into a customized display." Using a free schematic, some open source software, and a kit that goes for about $37.50, you can make your own custom bicycle light show.

Pac-Man's taken, so how about Mario and a goomba? The Prince and a katamari? I'm seriously inclined to do this even though, in Philly, my bike would get stolen faster than you can say wakka wakka wakka.

[Via MAKE: Blog]

[UPDATE: Corrected the gender of ladyada to reflect that that means Lady Ada. Thanks, breath.]

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