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BenQ resurrects P50 as P51

Ryan Block, @ryan

The long-fabled original Windows Mobile-based Treo-killer, the BenQ P50 (pictured above), has long passed its zenith in being lusted after, and was since given up upon and eventually more or less forgotten. So yeah, you could say it comes as some small surprise to us that BenQ is resurrecting the vaporous handset with Windows Mobile 5.0, and even throwing an integrated GPS receiver into the mix. They haven't given any further information than that as of yet, so while we understand the integrated WiFi is still intact, we don't know if it's still got the SDIO slot. But ultimately we're hoping for a few things here: namely that this handset won't cost more than $800 (though we have a sneaking suspicion it may), that they'll have finally added at least EDGE, and that, you know, they actually release it this time. Just a thought.

[Thanks, Dave]

Update: Engadget Mobile's got some more deets for ya, if you want 'em. For example, the SDIO's still there, huzzah.

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