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BenQ's announces EL71, E61, C81, CL71, CF61, Google deal

Ryan Block, @ryan

They're being a little light on the details this morning, but BenQ's officially launching another five handsets, including the EL71 (pictured), E61 (aka the Hermes B), C81, CL71, and CF61. We have a good idea what to expect from some of these (pictures all after the break), but obviously none are as world-rocking as we hope the P51 will be. BenQ also announced a deal to outfit their devices with Google local software for finding local info when you're out and about, but devices sporting G won't hit until April, so hang on.

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BenQ-Siemens C81

BenQ-Siemens CF61

BenQ-Siemens CL71

BenQ-Siemens E61

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