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CeBIT, we've got ya covered


As you probably noticed by our Origami / Samsung UMPC hands-on from earlier today, we’ve landed at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany. Ink barely dry in our passports and we’re already pulling the hard goods for ya and the show hasn't even started! So go ahead, sleep in, Engadget’s on it. Click on for more pics of the pre-show setup.

Intel has a huuuuge presence.

Samsung’s booth is equally ginormous. Three Q1 / Origami devices left unattended on the left, another around back -- how could we resist?

Hey, the new Shuttle XPC X100.

Note to self: always come early, no line for the toys!

ASUS is doin' up the ASUS Lamborghini as expected. Vrooom, vrooom (yawn) and all that. Next.

Top-down of Hall number 2 of oh, some 30 or so similar gadget hangars. Say, is that Tatung? We're getting sleepy stoked just thinking about it.

And just a bit of Red Label to bring it home.

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