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Kiosk Hunting: The quest begins


With March in full swing, it's finally time for Nintendo to begin placing mysterious, oblong structures in various game stores spread across the North American continent. Emitting undetectable Wi-Fi beams, these innocuous-looking kiosks promote a very subtle form of mind control, implanting the desire to move closer, switch on your DS and download trial versions of "fun" upcoming games. There's no telling how many hours and relationships may be lost to this devious scheme.

In the interest of public safety, we must locate each and every one of these so-called download stations (Japanese version pictured to the right). It is with this goal in mind that we call on you, our astute readers, to help us track these monstrous devices down and warn other readers of the potential dangers that lurk within their nearest shopping complex. The task is simple: If you spot a DS download station in your area, send us the location or, even better, a picture of the beast as it whirs discreetly in the used games section. Please make use of our tips form to submit the information.

Once the sightings start rolling in, we'll post a weekly update (more frequently if required) informing you of the latest discoveries and their locations. Keep an eye out and above all, be careful out there. We can't afford to lose more souls to that Tetris DS demo.

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