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Panasonic expands Viera plasma, LCD line

Marc Perton

Panasonic rolled out no fewer than five new Viera displays in Japan today, including four plasma models and one LCD. All displays support 1080p and HDMI, and run in size from 32 inches for the LCD to a top plasma model at 58 inches. Panasonic claims that new technology has improved brightness of the plasma models by 20%, and that the 4000:1 real contrast ratio is comparable to a 10,000:1 visible ratio. Most models will be available in Japan next month, with the 58-incher available in May. Pricing is set at ¥300,000 (about $2,500) on the low end, up to ¥780,000 (about $6,600) for the top model. The full model list includes the 32-inch TH-32LX600 LCD, 37-inch TH-37PX600 plasma, 42-inch TH-42PX600 plasma, 50-inch TH-50PX600 plasma, and 58-inch TH-58PX600 plasma.

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