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Panasonics new plasmas

Matt Burns

Here they are guys! Panasonic's answer to their now older, but very successful plasma lineup. Oh boy am I excited to see these and judging by the model numbers (TH50PX600), we will see them here in the States. There is not many details about the panels themselves besides the resolution of 1366x768. Sure, we are kind-of disappointed about the lack of 1080p, but Panasonic might just have another TV up their sleeve and did not want to drop it with the other models.

It should be noted as well that Panasonic is trying to make their products as easy as it can be to use. They have developed a propriety remote control linking system between Panasonics products that utilize HDMI. There is a short clip showing this but as it is in Japanese, it is kind of hard to make out.

Speaking about video. Akihabara News has HD video highlighting the press release with pretty pictures of all these things. Check it out.

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