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TiVo's new pricing includes box, drops lifetime plan

Marc Perton

As expected, TiVo has revised its pricing plans to include the purchase of the TiVo box as part of the monthly fee. New pricing schemes include a one-year plan at $19.95 per month, a two-year $18.95-per-month plan and a three-year $16.95 plan. All plans include an 80GB Series 2 TiVo box, and discounts are available for customers who pre-pay (i.e., a prepaid three-year plan is $469, vs. $610.20 on the monthly plan). TiVo had earlier experimented with a similar all-in-one plan at a somewhat lower price: the one-year plan was $16.95 per month, including a 40-hour TiVo box. TiVo has also quietly dropped its $299 lifetime service plan, though current users who signed up for that plan won't be affected.

[Via PVRWire]

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