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More info on Panasonic's VX600 plamsa line

Matt Burns

Panasonic announced a new line of their award winning plasmas yesterday but the specs about the TVs was not released to late last night. But we got ya covered now. Panasonic is working hard on increasing the black level on these new sets. They can reach a maximum contrast ratio of 10,000:1 with a standard at 4,000:1. They also are putting in some propriety stuff called Deep Black Filter and upgraded the already existing Real Black Drive System. One of the biggest upgrades from the PX500 series is the amount of gradient they can show. These new sets can do up to 50% more then they last years cousins. These new plasmas will be available in the Japanese market on April 15th. No word on when they will be available over here in the states though. Lets hope soon!

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