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Pharos iGPS-500

Ryan Block, @ryan

We got a chance to peep Pharos's new iGPS-500 a couple of weeks ago (before we even really knew what it actually was), but today it's officially getting announced alongside Microsoft's big UMPC push at CeBIT as the GPS receiver to complement that mini tablet of yours. Basically it's a super tiny SiRFstar III-based modular GPS device that can connect either via Bluetooth (shown left), or SDIO / CF / PCMCIA adapter (right, sans PC card adapter, of course). What doesn't really come across here, however, is the size of this receiver. It's basically compared to like $1.25 worth of quarters stacked up. Expect to lay down $100 for a serial / USB version, and $200 for the Bluetooth version come April, when they're intending to ship.

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