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TiVo goes with subscription model, what about Series 3?

Kevin C. Tofel

Yesterday's TiVo conference call shared some interesting details but kept others in hiding. Lifetime service goes away as an option and TiVo is going with a subscription-based model on the Series 2 boxes. Depending on your commitment of one, two or three years, your monthly TiVo service and the hardware will set you back $19.95, $18.95, or $16.95 a month so you can TiVo to your hearts content. What's that? Don't want a monthly fee? No prob, but that will cost you $224, $369 or $469 for the box and service, again based on the length of your subscription.

Series 3 pricing is still unknown, but we should see the new HDTV boxes after mid-year. Our take is that we're really looking at the fourth quarter, but that's pure speculation.

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