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Hunter Changes in 1.10


No, 1.10 isn't a hunter patch, but it contains quite a few changes for hunters - though response to them ranges from "nerf" to "bug fix".  An overall list of issues can be found in this thread, but they're summarized below.

  • Scatter shot - shares a cooldown with traps (so no more scatter/feign/trap)
  • Ranged weapons "normalization" - results in a minor decrease in overall DPS (3-5% are the numbers that are being thrown around)
  • A hunter's attacker no longer looses target when the hunter feigns death
  • Traps - are now considered "stealthed" which means they can become visible if someone gets close
  • Diminishing returns - traps are now on diminishing returns (shared with scatter shot)
  • Flared areas are now visible to everyone
  • Beaststalker's set bonuses changed - varying opinions on this
[Fan art by Nicole Chartrand]

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