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Live from CeBIT: O2 booth tour


Now that we've hit the biggest of the CeBIT announcements, it's time to bring you some flavor from the event. We present O2, by the far the most visually appealing booth at the fair -- trust us, we've seen 'em all. Yeah, we only dug out the HTC Prophet from under those blue lights, but it was a good place to chill nonetheless. Feel like you're really there after the break.

VIP area upstairs -- you can just smell the money.

If you stare into the light long enough it feels like you're floating. Or is that the Weisse talking?

O2 trying hard to answer that question, "how many suits can you fit in a box.?"

Almighty Nokia!

Hey, we told you it was a good place to chill.

Giraffe man shopping for a Maltese Falcon, apparently.

Requisite football display in honor of Germany hosting the FIFA World Cup this summer. Go Bengals! Er...

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