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Sagem drops four new phones, including pair of 3G units


We've seen a couple of handsets from Sagem over the past few weeks, and they seem to be ramping up the features every time we seem 'em. This time around they have four new phones, two of which sport UMTS radios: the my900C clamshell and my800X candybar. Both phones sport VGA cameras for video conferencing along with main cameras of 1.3 megapixels (my800X) and 2 megapixels (my900C). The 900C wins in the display department as well, with a 240x320 internal screen plus a 96x64 external display, but the my800X comes in at 0.6-inches thick, so it's hard to knock. Accompanying these 3G efforts are the lower-end my500X and my405X, which still manage a few features in their own right. The my500X includes a VGA and 1.3 megapixel camera, along with a miniSD card slot to augment the included 32MB of memory. The my405 merely sports a VGA cam, but it does include 64MB of storage in attempt to appease music lovers. All of these phones should be available in Q2 this year.

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