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BenQ's new monitor line includes FP241W 24-incher

Ryan Block , @ryan

We're kind of annoyed this one slipped through the radar last week at CeBIT, but BenQ for whatever reason didn't exactly take pains to tout their new monitor lineup, which includes the FP241W, a 24-inch widescreen Samsung panel with HDMI in and the 24-inch standard 1920 x 1200 resolution. Their other new displays include the 19-inch FP93V, the designer-friendly color consistent FP91R, the not-for-sale arty FP785, and the limited-edition 13mm bezel 2ms response time  FP93G X. So, um, why's BenQ getting all uppity on us? Just sell us the monitors and be glad we want to buy 'em, aight?

[Thanks, threEchelon]

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