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Should the Sopranos video game be whacked?

Ken Weeks

I couldn't watch the season premiere of everyone's favorite New Jersey family drama last night without wondering what the fanook happened to the Sopranos video game that THQ was supposedly working on last May. Now that EA's take on the Godfather is closing in on a release date, Tony and the Bada Bing crew would appear due for a console adaptation. Despite the superior quality of the show, David Chase and HBO haven't exactly been snobbish with this license, hawking Sopranos-branded cookbooks and pool cues as if they owed money to the mob. On the plus side, that could mean Chase won't reflexively look down on video games as an art form like Francis Ford Coppola apparently does. It also means we could end up with a Max Payne-ish Tony doing slow-mo dodge rolls on his way to the pork store. To truly be worth while, a Sopranos game would have to not only have the total cooperation of the writers and cast, but also capture the psychological depth and richness of the best show on TV. What that means for the gameplay, I'm not sure—something leaning towards strategy as opposed to mission-based runs to Satriale's.

I'm going to assume we haven't heard anything about this project because the creative geniuses behind it are waiting until they can devote their full attention toward whacking gamers with a whole new level of licensed next-gen experience. Anything less, and I'd prefer Tony sleeps with the fishes when it comes to the 360.

What's the best way to turn the Sopranos into a console game? And while we're strip-mining HBO for material, who should buy the rights to Deadwood?

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