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What is so difficult about LCoS?

Ben Drawbaugh

LCoS is all the rage today in the world of projection TVs, between American's Favorite Sony SXRD and JVC's D-ILA. ExtremeTech even did a shootout recently of some of the latest LCoS TV's. It is now a major contender for most consumers who are considering a projection TV today.

LCoS hasn't always been all peaches and cream, for years fortunes were lost in attempt to cash in on this promising technology. Thompson was the first to to give up after releasing a commercial LCoS in 2001. The next to attempt to realize the dream was Toshiba, as well as Phillips and Mitsubishi. Intel even announced that they would produce LCoS chips at CES 2004, only to cancel those plans 10 months later. The most recent to  announce that they were canceling their plans was LG, only 6 months after the annoncement.

We all know the great benefits of LCoS, but what makes them so difficult to produce?

Thanks Warren!

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