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HD-DVD will launch with more of a whimper than a bang

Ben Drawbaugh

We started to hear rumors that HD-DVD movies might not be delivered in March and now it looks like our nightmares have come true. Warner Home Video was the only studio at CES to announce a firm date for it's titles and now they say that they may be a few weeks late due to technical issues.

Walmart was taking pre-orders and have had to cancel the orders and Best Buy pulled the item from their ad.  At this point Warner is the only studio that has announced a firm release date and it seems impossible that Paramount or Universal will have any movies out within 6 weeks after they announce a firm date.

Assuming that Blu-Ray doesn't have the same problems, the first to market advantage that it seemed HD-DVD had is rapidly slipping away. Not to mention the fact that Toshiba is the only manufacture to announce a release date for a HD-DVD player.

I will buy a HD-DVD as soon as there are at least 10 movies for rent at Netflix, but I don't think I will replace my DVD collection just yet. On second thought, I will start selling them on EBay now!

Via [HDBlog]

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