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IPTV overview - ArsTechnica

Kevin C. Tofel

Don't know your IPTV from your AACS or your MPEG-4? No worries; ArsTechnica does the IPTV 101 thing so you can drop high-def acronyms to all of your SD neighbors. Considering that one content provider in China snagged over a half a million IPTV subscribers in Hong Kong alone, you probably want to brush on that which is IPTV. Ars gives you the up-and-up on how IPTV works and even explains why we won't actually tune in to content with IPTV; we'll just let our set-top routers do the talking and add us to a new multicast group, assuming we're authorized to "tune in" of course. IPTV is definitely in the mix for DTV from cable and telcos, so why not join the rest of the class and learn what all this fuss is about? Did we forget to mention that BellSouth was planning IPTV trials this year? We'll bet AT&T remembered.

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