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PSP advertising: Like it or leave it?


We're curious, PSP fanboys. Okay, it's also been a slow news week, but we're still going somewhere with this. So far we've been inundated by squirrels, dust balls, mice, and dead-eyed graffiti kids, but have any of these advertising attempts really been effective? Take the adverts from England for example: Would you appreciate seeing these relatively provocative PSP ads make the rounds in the United States? How's advertising been in your area? My take on what makes an advertisement effective is judged by two factors: Is it memorable, and does it leave a positive impression of the product, making me want to hear, read, or find out more about it?

We'd like to hear your opinion, and as always, we're good and ready for a listen. Leave a comment and let us know what you think about Sony's advertising campaigns. Do you think they're stupid? Do you think they're funny and interesting? Do they make you want to fling yourself violently against a signboard like the guy in the video? Spill it!

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