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Sid Meier, Soren Johnson on state of games

Alan Rose

GameSpy spoke with industry luminary Sid Meier and Civilization IV co-designer Soren Johnson at DICE last month. The Firaxis dynamic duo weighed in on everything from the state of PC gaming to World of Warcraft to escalating game budgets. Here are some quick takes:

Meier: "I think there are a lot of opportunities for the PC to make a comeback. It has some inherent strengths. Connectivity, certainly. Massively multiplayer games. Email! The things that a PC does well, what snuck it into the home in the first place, is still there."

Johnson: "I think the thing is, if you're going to make a multiplayer game, the days of trying to 'shoehorn' in multiplayer are over. As an aside, I think we're almost reaching a point where single-player games are getting under-served. One reason I really enjoy World of Warcraft is that there's so few good single-player RPGs for the PC right now."

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