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4D Kutaragi "live" and unhinged

Ken Weeks

Sony's Ken Kutaragi, whose last name means "PS2 graphics like Toy Story" in Japanese, was up to his old tricks at the Playstation Business Briefing in Tokyo. Not to be outdone when it comes to confusing, poorly chosen buzzwords, the hype-happy Sony Computer Entertainment President claimed that PS3 games are "live" and that the Playstation Network Platform concept is "4D":

[Kutaragi] claims that games have gone from 8-bit to 16-bit planes, to the "space" that you saw on the PS1/PS2, and now PS3 will be "live"

Hmmm...Live. Where have we heard that lovely market-tested word before? The Xbox developement teams delivers the smack down with the smarmy incisiveness of a pre-Tommy Boy David Spade:

Kutaragi-san, games have been "Live" since 2002.  Please find your own buzzword, kthx.

As for "4D," I can't process that term without thinking of "Smell-O-Vision" and those 3D movies at the amusement park where they spray water in your face. Maybe I'll understand what the hell Ken is talking about once I purchase these REAL PS3 4D GLASSES off Ebay.

[Thanks Anon.]

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