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Bill Gates has his say of things

Ryan Block, @ryan

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Being that he may or may not be reading this post, and in the interest of open discourse, we ask you Bill, what's going on? Yesterday at Microsoft's Government Leaders Forum, in front of 300 leader figures from Canada, Latin America and the US, you apparently outlined a future where one's cellphone will becomes their "digital wallet," and you'll be able to do things like scan business cards? We might have looked past the fact that you basically described what standard-issue Asian cellphones have been doing for years, but you had to go on to publicly disparage the OLPC? We hear you said, "The last thing you want to do for a shared use computer is have it be something without a disk ... and with a tiny little screen," and went on to slap it on using a crank as a power source where there's no electricity. Look, we're not gonna do a point-for-point here, and we understand you may be a peeved that Negroponte and his crew shut Microsoft down on putting Windows on the OLPC (they wanted to keep it open source, after all), but c'mon, as a leader yourself, the last thing you should be caught doing is publicly speaking ill of one of the most important technology projects of our time for the developing world -- learn from Craig Barrett's mistake. The rest of you reading this may now resume your usual posing as Bill G in the comments.

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