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Confirmed: PlayStation 3 will ship with 60 GB HDD


To clear any confusion, a Sony representative, speaking with Yahoo! Games, has confirmed that the PS3 will ship with a 60 GB HDD, with an option to upgrade. No PS3 bundles will be sold without a hard drive. However, it's unclear if by upgrading, purchasers will have the option to buy the console with a larger hard drive, or if they'll be forced take the 60 GB HDD and buy an additional, larger drive separately—we guess the latter (at least, at launch), but aren't ruling out the possibility of two bundles with different sized hard drives (for example, 60 GB and 100 GB bundles).

Overall, standardizing the consoles to include a hard drive benefits both developers and consumers. But we're still left wondering if the asking price will be out of the range of a significant percentage of potential buyers.

[Thanks, The1 & Ron]

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