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Motorola A1200/MING Linux-based smartphone


We first caught a glimpse of the Motorola A1200 back in December. It has since been rebadged the MING which apparently means something like "open" in Chinese or "nasty" if you happen to be mingin' in the UK -- guess that's why this pup is heading to the greater China market first, eh? In a schizophrenic fit, Moto claims to be targeting business users with this device yet lists it under the "entertainment series" of handsets on their .hk site. No matter, the MING delivers both. See, Moto runs Linux on an Intel PXA270 processor deep below that sweet transparent flip and then packs in distractions such as a 2 megapixel camera, music player, FM radio, and Bluetooth with A2DP support for true stereo thumpin'. That large touchscreen LCD, the Pocket Office Suite of applications, integrated business card scanner (using that 2 megapixel shooter) and optical-character recognition software are sure to keep executive-types grinnin' too. These should be available soon in Hong Kong but pricing and availability (and a new name) for the rest of world remains a mystery. More pics after the break.

[Via Slashphone]

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