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World Firsts, Server Firsts, and the Race for C'Thun


While most of us have heard of C'Thun at this point (if you haven't, he's the last boss in Ahn'Qiraj's 40-player raid instance), precious few have actually seen him.  And so far, no one has defeated him - meaning the race is on, as guilds across the world strive to be the first one to take him down.  Somewhat less prestigious, though just as fought for, is the server first kill, over which any server's top guilds will heatedly compete.  I'm not sure that I care who kills C'Thun first, but I'm certainly interested in seeing the fight (and any new fight) for myself - though my own guild has to wipe out the Twin Emperors first.  Is anyone out there watching the race for C'Thun, or do players without a stake in it care?

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