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Woz closes wOz


Steven Wozniak founded Wheels of Zeus in 2002 in hopes of helping "everyday people find everyday things" via GPS smart tags -- a technology said to outperform both RFID and traditional GPS. Now, according to consulting firm Ravix Group which specializes in financial and human resources advice, The Woz is closing-up shop at wOz. Wozniak, while down, is certainly not out. Besides his pursuit of glory in Segway polo matches, he'll be keeping busy with his new company called Acquicor Technology with two other former Apple execs including one Gil Amelio, a pre-Jobsian Apple CEO. The sole purpose of Acquicor is to snap up a company somewhere in the tech sector focusing on IP-based convergence within the next 18 months. Surely there must be something matching this description in the Bay Area's Craig's List?

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