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NES Zapper plus gyro mouse = Duck Hunt emulation heaven

Not content with his gyroscopic PowerGlove hack, leadingzero has decided to turn an NES Zapper into a gyration mouse for some authentic Duck Hunt emulation action. He writes, "I wired the [gyration] mouse to the NES Zapper, allowing for both free range motion sensing and trigger happy left-click action. This is a very easy hack, as long as you are comfortable soldering on a $30 gyration mouse, and will give you a fully functional (yet ugly) motion sensing mouse gun fashioned out of the old-school NES Zapper..."

Of course, he's posted pictures of the entire process so, if you're feeling adventurous, or just have a burning desire to put a dusty old Zapper to good use, you can hack-by-numbers.

[Via MAKE: Blog]

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