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Cradling phone possibly dangerous to British youth, sez Jabra

Evan Blass

In yet another instance of statistics being manipulated to suit the surveyor's interests, Jabra has dropped a press release warning of their "shocking new research" that claims multi-tasking while on the phone is a potential health risk to British youth. TNS, who did the survey for Jabra, contacted 1,008 people over 16 by telephone (making the situation worse, it would seem) to discover that 78% of mobile phone users have experienced back, neck or head pain at some undetermined time in their lives. Meanwhile, Jabra reports that "experts say [these types of pains] can be a direct result of holding your mobile phone between your ear and neck while trying to do other tasks simultaneously," which the survey claims 88% of people do. So even though there is no statistical correlation made between the pain sufferers and the multi-taskers, completely-disinterested Jabra suggests that we all purchase hands-free headsets just to be safe, preferably one of the five Jabra models listed in detail at the end of the release.

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