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Inside the game: La Fuga

Jennie Lees

"I just fought my way up a wind tunnel, scrambled through a ventilation duct, clambered across 40 yards of rope netting, rolled under a fence, and burrowed through a mass of grapefruit-sized plastic spheres. Now I'm facing two doors. One leads to freedom. The other to a room with something nasty in it, possibly involving torture."

The author of this piece isn't playing a console or PC game--he's playing Negoné's La Fuga ('The Escape') for real. Based in Madrid, the game combines an obstacle course, puzzles and interactive storytelling to break the fourth wall, creating a real-world game that realises many video game concepts.

It sounds exciting and inventive; if Spain is too far away, then the game will be coming to Manhattan next year. However, immersive gaming may prove too specialised--sometimes we like to be in the comfort of our own living rooms, knowing that ingame bruises are only temporary, with the ability to pause it all and have a cup of tea when we feel like it.

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