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iRex reveals deets on its iLiad eBook reader

Evan Blass

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Philips spinoff iRex has finally released solid details about its eBook reader that was announced late last year, giving it both a name- the "iLiad" (model number ER 0100), and a release date- next month. This monochrome e-ink touchscreen display will be going up against heavyweight Sony's similar Reader device, although the iLiad sounds like it should be able to hold its own, sporting a 400MHz XScale processor, 64MB RAM, 224MB user-accessible internal flash memory, WiFi, Ethernet, 3.5-millimeter audio jack, and slots for SD and CF cards as well as USB drives. iRex claims over a week of three-hour-a-day reading sessions are possible between charges, and also promises to expand upon the PDF, XHTML, TXT, and MP3 formats that will supported at launch. No word on pricing so far, but it will have to be equivalent to the $300 to $400 Sony is expecting to charge for its model if the iLiad expects to remain competitive. [Warning: PDF link].

Update: Ouch! Reader Axel writes that he corresponded with iRex a few days ago, who informed him that the iLiad will cost a steep 650 euros, or more than twice the anticipated price of the Sony.

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