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Half Life 2 on a Mac

Damien Barrett

So we all know that last week, the solution was released to allow Intel Macs to dual-boot between Mac OS X and Windows XP. And a lot of people (even a few of our readers...gasp!) have been rending their clothes, twisting their undergarments, and gnashing their teeth at the thought of a Mac running WinXP. Oh, why oh why must people besmirch the glorious Mac and sully its gleaming perfection with an OS as vulgar and nefarious as Windows XP? Oh, the travesty, the inhumanity!

Yeah, blah, blah blah...whatever. It's about games, plain and simple. And I knew that the first thing people would do once they got their Intel Macs to boot Windows would be to install games. Witness this video of Half Life 2 running in Windows on a MacBook Pro.

Not all is perfect, however. There is no fan control on the MacBook Pro running Windows XP and so you risk cooking your MacBook Pro if you run WinXP for too long.

Update: [Okay, so the jury's still out on this one; some people are reporting significant fan and heat problems, and others are not. As always, know that installing WinXP on your Intel Mac may violate your warranty, and that if you fry your Mac because there isn't actually any fan control, it's not Apple's fault, or even Microsoft's fault. It should go without saying of course:  be careful. Know what you're doing.]

In my own WinXP on Mac experiments, I've as yet been unable to get WinXP Pro to install on my 20" Intel iMac. Even with the newest xom.efi file, the WinXP install hangs at 0% and won't continue. So I'm playing the waiting game until the people writing the xom.efi boot loader(s) figure out the problem and release a new one.

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