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Lenovo Easy Cube M500 SD MP3 player

Marc Perton

Sure, at first glance Lenovo's Easy Cube M500 MP3/WMA player looks a little like MobiBlu's infamous DAH-1500, but that's only before you check out the scale. While MobiBlu's offering still battles for the oft-contested crown of world's smallest digital audio player, the Easy Cube is a bit bulkier, at about 2.75-inches per side. That added bulk gives it room for an SD slot and speaker. There's no display or internal storage, and we can only imagine what kind of glorious sound emanates from that 2-inch speaker, but it's only $50, which is less than some other display-free SD-based players that don't have the Easy Cube's good looks or built-in speaker (though we're still not convinced there's a real need for any display-free SD players at any price).
[Via The MP3 Players]

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