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Metareview - Metroid Prime: Hunters


Metroid Prime: Hunters marks the return of Samus and the arrival of several new bounty hunters, each vying for victory in deadly online arenas. Judging by the initial batch of reviews, it would appear that the demo which introduced many of us to the DS for the first time has flourished into an excellent, platform-defining game. Yay!

  • IGN (90%) praised the game's presentation and online play, but were a bit annoyed by the game's lazy boss designs. "Metroid Prime Hunters is easily the best handheld first person shooter developed to date, even with its somewhat high learning curve and cramp-inducing control."
  • Gamepro (90%) loved the graphics and multiplayer aspects of the title, but thought that the touch screen aiming was a bit tricky when precision was required. "Although the single player game will provide you with hours of entertainment, the multiplayer in Hunters could be a game all unto its own."
  • Gamespot (86%) was particularly impressed by the controls, but not so much by the apparently linear level design. "The online action is smooth and lag free in our experience, and you're likely to find stiff challenges online against other human opponents." [Note: Gamespot has since taken down their review due to an error. We'll post their updated score as soon as they publish it. Thanks Adam! Another note: Okay, the review is back up and the score is unchanged. That was fun. Thanks Andrew!]
  • Gamedaily (80%) said that the lacking single-player mode was more than made up for by the excellent online component. "The game's controls take a bit of time to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, you'll realize NST has done an extraordinary job in bringing Samus to the Nintendo DS."

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