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Revolution developer interview


Joystiq reports of an interview with the director of Crossbeam Studios, Greg Szemiot, one of the few independent developers currently working on bringing some titles to the Revolution. Their current catalogue of titles planned for the Revolution are Orb, Thorn, and Darkness. Greg goes on to state the reasons why he jumped aboard the Revolution to make titles; both the innovative control scheme and low development costs were major contributing factors for his studio.

Ross over at Joystiq makes a few wonderful points about some of the untapped potential of the upcoming Revolution. The lower development costs to attract smaller developers with bright, unique ideas and the possibilities of the Virtual Console make the Revolution a delicious buffet game developers should easily be saddling up to. Greg confirmed the team would be at E3, yet they would not be showcasing any of their work to the public, choosing  instead to shop for publishers.

[Via Joystiq]

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