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Gateway's Profile 6 desktop offers lots of expansion, not so much sexy


We're not going to contest Gateway's claims of having one of the most serviceable all-in-one desktop PCs around in their recently updated Profile 6 line, and we admire their educational endeavors, but we can't say this is the most, erm, svelte all-in-one desktop we've seen around. The new unit keeps it kind of old school with a 3GHz P4 631, with HyperThreading instead of that Dual Core stuff all the kids are talking about these days. Fronting the box is an adjustable 17-inch LCD, which hides such functionality as a DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive, WiFi, 512MB of RAM, and a 80GB HDD. You can also upgrade the Profile 6 using it's available PCI, and PCI Express, memory, HDD, and even floppy disk drive slots. We should be seeing this unit in the US this April for around $1200.

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