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Unknown device pictured on Apple website

Evan Blass

So for some reason, eagle-eyed reader Jacob S. was checking out the Apple website's page on educational initiatives, and stumbled upon a picture of a bunch of smiley dentistry students at the University of Michigan using Apple products to enhance their studies. In the photo we see a pair of Mac laptops, a trio of iPods, and....a tablet PC? That's right -- the future dentist at the bottom of the photo is clearly scraping off some virtual tartar or tightening a set of of virtual braces on what is definitely some sort of pen-based computing device. Our money says that is simply a case of some jokester slipping a Microsoft-based product onto the set for kicks, because surely Apple wouldn't be so careless as to publicly reveal a secretive product like the mythical iTablet in such a way, would they? Would they?

Update: The consensus among our readers seems to be that this is a Compaq TC1000 series TabletPC we're seeing here; if so, kudos to Apple for publicizing the sensitive issue of mixed-OS working environments.

[Thanks, Jacob]

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