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Apple and Intel thinking differently together

David Chartier

Intel sounds excited about their relationship with Apple, as Deborah Conrad, vice president and director of Team Apple at Intel, spoke positively to a group of CNET editors yesterday about how things are going so far. Deborah was doubtful that an Intel chip would be powering the iPod anytime soon, but she mentioned the company was enthusiastic about the potential for their chips to show up in other future Apple gadgets. Thanks Deborah - I'm sure in the coming weeks the rumors sites will crank out all sorts of fantastic nonsense from that statement.

The article isn't very long, but you can check out some more bits from CNET's meeting with Intel's Team Apple here. My favorite quote from Deborah, however, reinforces one of the big fundamental reasons why everyone knew Intel was happy to take on a partnership with Apple: "It's nice to have a customer that pushes us on a technology front." I know there was a time when this relationship was one of the last things on any Apple fan's predictions list, but it's really starting to sound like these two companies are going to make a great couple.

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