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Cheat your way to Oblivion

Ken Weeks

You know the sense of fanboy pride you get when you beat a good game without resorting to walkthroughs and cheese moves? Me neither. Fortunately, IGN has discovered an "infinite gold" cheat for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion:

In the Talos district of the Imperial City is the house of a man named Dorian. Enter the house and kill Dorian. When looting his body, highlight his gold and press A...and keep on pressing. His gold will never run out, giving you access to infinite funds. At any time, you can return to Dorian's house to loot more money from his corpse.

A reader also reports clipping issues with the wall directly across from the basement door. Say it aint so.

When you're finished looting that corpse, check out IGN's list of Oblivion achievements, but then a shameless cheater like you probably already rigged your gamerscore.

[Thanks FeatherKing]

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