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Nvidia gets contract for next-gen Sony console?

Marc Perton

Here's another one to toss into the rumor mill: Nvidia, which got about $30 million from Sony for the PS3 graphics engine, has signed on with Sony for another product -- and Nvidia execs say the new deal will run through 2007, and should earn the company "slightly more" than the PS3 deal. So, what's it gonna be, rumor-mongers? PSP2? Vaio media center? A color Reader?  For now, though, Nvidia is playing coy, boasting about the deal, but going all silent on the details, which, of course, just forces us into rampant speculation mode. So, for now we're counting on either the Clie 2007 or an MD player with integrated video -- and with Sony being Sony, we could just be right.

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