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Pioneer 5.1 surround for Xbox 360

Ken Weeks

European gamers will soon have the opportunity to batter their ear drums with an Xbox 360-branded surround sound set-up "designed specifically" for the next-gen console. Here's a description from the French site Le Journal du Geek (helpfully translated by Xbox-Scene):

The Pioneer HTP-XGS1 5.1 channel surround sound system is designed specifically to work with the Xbox 360. The unit has an output of 600 watts which will blow you away. The HTP-XGS1 is equipped with MCACC which stands for Multi Channel Acoustic Calibration. So what does MCACC do it measures your room's acoustic properties, and automatically adjusts the sound coming out of the speakers to to give you the best listening experience. The remote controller should also allow you to control some of the features of the Xbox 360. There's no price yet, but the device is expected in may in Europe (no US/Jap info yet).

Sounds ok, but other than marketing mumbo jumbo, the only thing that directly relates this product to the 360 is the remote. Couldn't they at least throw in a faceplate or something? Then again, we are fanboys and it does have a 360 logo on the cardboard. If the price point is decent I guess your purchase depends on whether or not your obnoxious audio snob friends will laugh at you for having a home-theater-in-a-box system.

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