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RAYERD-X busts crazy Transformer moves

Evan Blass

Man, if we'd had Transformers like this when we were kids, we'd be, well,  even geekier and more socially awkward than we already are. As you well know, it takes a pretty special robot to catch our attention around here, and Japanese manufacturer Asurada's RAYERD-X (pronounced, apparently -- no "Engrish" jokes please -- Layered-X) did just that with crazy contortionist moves that would make even the most flexible gymnast wince in pain. Asurada entered the quadrupedal automaton in the Ninth Robo-One competition in Tokyo, where it wowed the crowds with such moves as the crab crawl, humanoid pose-down, and the most difficult position of all, the Iron Cross (well, kind of). Unfortunately for the design team, RAYERD-X, for all 28 of its servos and innumerable configurations, only captured 24th place at what must have been an extremely heated competition, although it did manage to take home the pretty important-sounding "Sunrise Special Prize."

Video- Robot-Dreams

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