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1 to 60 in 48 Hours?

Mike D'Anna

While browsing around the various WoW sites, I came across this guide from WoW Guru, claiming to show how to level from 1to 60 in only 2 days. It's basically a big list of grinding spots, but even if you pumped yourself full of Hunter S. Thompson-quality speed & grind-ed away for 48 hours straight, surely this can't be possible...can it?

The various comments from players on the guide seem to be divided into whether this is feasible or not; some claim to have done it, other's claim it's impossible. All I know is, if it IS possible, then it sure as heck shouldn't be. I know powergamers will always find a way to beat the clock, as it were, but the level cap should not be able to be attained in just 2 days. Or should it? What do you all think?

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