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Hawk Wings wraps up "Talking" series

David Chartier

Hawk Wings, Tim Gaden's blog about all things, has been running a series for the last couple months in which he chats with various developers and "iCelebrities" about the ups and downs of Apple's default email client. The list boasts around 20 interviewees ranging from Brent Simmons (of NetNewsWire fame), Rob Griffiths (of MacOSXHints and Macworld), John Gruber (of Daring Fireball), as well as devs of all sorts of handy utilities like Textpander, FlickrExport and much more. In the series, Tim asked these individuals a well-rounded set of questions that make for good brain food, such as: what plugins they use, their favorite/most hated thing about and the one thing they'd tell the dev team if they could.

Conveniently, Tim put together a roundup post linking every interview, so head on over to Hawk Wings and get your learn on with various "iCelebrities" and

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